Best Southern Vacation Lodges in Your State

Best Southern Vacation Lodges in Your State

Vacation Lodges

Your next outdoors excursion could begin with booking a spot at one of these public-land vacation lodges close to home. Editors and writers at Game & Fish Magazines uncovered getaway gems all across the South that will put you close to some of your region's best hunting and fishing hot spots.

">The Alabama State Park system officially began nearly 80 years ago when the Alabama Legislature passed the Department of Conservation Act in March 1939. The act created the Department of Conservation, which contains the Alabama State Parks Division. Today, the state operates 21 parks totaling about 48,000 acres of diverse habitat ranging from coastal beaches to mountainous forests. 'œWe encourage sportsmen to use these parks for their outdoors adventures as they visit areas across the state,' remarked Greg Lein, director of the Alabama State Parks Division. 'œSome parks are particularly well suited for specific types of hunting or fishing adventures or combinations. Many parks offer hunter specials in the fall and winter. We'™re thrilled that we can provide these other opportunities for sportsmen to use the parks as base camps for ....Click Headline To Read Full Article
">The drive home after a long day of fishing would have been exhausting. In fact, had you been driving home, you might have chosen to cut your day on the water shorter. Instead you drive half a mile to a cabin, where you and your friends will grill steaks, recap catches and near misses of big fish, and do a bit of gear straightening before finding a bed. You'™ll be up again at daybreak, ready to do it again. Renting a cabin near a hunting or fishing locale can allow for more productive days afield or on the water and the opportunity to work an area thoroughly over a few days. It also can help create a more memorable total experience when you add in time around the cabin with buddies. Several Arkansas state parks'™ facilities include cabins and/or lodges that make very good base camps for sporting outings, whether for hunting, fishing or a combination. Parks with cabins or lodges are widespread in the state, and some are on the banks of premier fishing lakes or near high-quality hunting areas. Making a good thing better, some are very reasonable ....Click Headline To Read Full Article
">Though Florida'™s wild country is under siege from the tremendous population growth, the state continues to maintain vast areas of woods and waters in its robust state park system incorporating literally hundreds of thousands of acres. The parks are found all over the state, totaling 174 that span some 800,000 acres, including 100 miles of coastal beaches. And many of them have special features, such as incredible spring outflows or cabins right on the beach, which make them truly unique. The Florida Park System is the first three-time Gold Medal winner honoring the nation'™s best state park system; pretty impressive for a state with more than 20 million humans packed into its ....Click Headline To Read Full Article
">State parks are usually located close to excellent hunting and fishing, but are still often overlooked as potential base camps. In fact, those who haven'™t visited a state park recently might be pleasantly surprised by the amenities. State parks are no longer just wooded areas to pitch a tent or park a travel trailer. Many offer well-equipped cottages, hotel-style lodging, full-service restaurants and other amenities sportsmen don'™t always find available on overnight and extended-stay outdoor excursions within the state, though, of course, not every state park is considered a resort with all of the amenities. However, Georgia state parks are really good at getting folks close to both freshwater and saltwater fishing, as well as popular game species; even the parks with fewer options are good for being fairly close to good hunting and fishing. In fact, Georgia measures more than 59,000 square miles, and containes 103 wildlife management areas, 61 state parks, 32 reservoir lakes, 18 rivers and a deer herd that is estimated to be north of 1 million whitetails, in addition to the countless other game and fish species available throughout ....Click Headline To Read Full Article
">In addition to Kentucky having a wide array of activities related to woods and water, the Commonwealth operates excellent state-run facilities in every region that are well-suited to the needs of hunters, anglers and boaters for getting away for extended periods of time. In fact, making state parks a base of operation for hunting and fishing trips often put hunters in close proximity to excellent hunting and fishing, all with the amenities of food, lodging and more right at hand. Throughout Kentucky, there are 17 state resort parks, many associated with a major reservoir, which provide everything that sportsmen and women need to a comfortable trip. Some resorts offer more than others, ....Click Headline To Read Full Article
">Sometimes hunters and anglers would like to have a decent place to hang their hats at the end of a long day in the woods or on the water. A tent or a camper is nice, but sometimes we like to treat ourselves to a place that'™s a little nicer than a basic campground. The problem is that finding a lodge or cabin at a private operation often can be pricey. Problem solved! Missouri'™s state parks offer some great lodging opportunities around the state and their rates won'™t break the bank. The lodging accommodations at these locations are far better than a basic campground. Don'™t get me wrong; sometimes a basic campground where you pitch a tent or park a popup camper is just what the doctor ordered for a great hunting adventure. But sometimes you just want a nicer place to call your base camp. And that'™s just what the three locations in this article are for — to be the base camps for your outdoor ....Click Headline To Read Full Article

Mississippi and Louisiana Vacation Lodges
">Hunting and fishing are some of the most popular outdoor activities in the Magnolia and Bayou states, with camping being right in there quite close. Every year, hunters and anglers combine their activities with camping for fun and food with their families. However, a lot of folks don'™t seem to realize the benefits of state parks, located throughout both states that provide a wide variety of lodging and amenities, from cabins to RV sites to primitive tent sites, where sportsmen and women can stay, often times quite close to excellent hunting and fishing, especially fishing as most parks are situated right on a lake ....Click Headline To Read Full Article

North Carolina Vacation Lodges
">The outdoors activities of fishing and hunting mostly are dominated by males. Being guys, they'™ve become competitions, as in who can catch the biggest fish or down the biggest buck. But there'™s a different way. For a variety of reasons, not the least of which is expanding appreciation of the natural world from children and family members, guys need to consider venues that offer these pursuits to others. The way things are set up now that doesn'™t happen. But wives, kids, families, parents or close friends should be able to share catching a bass, watching a whitetail buck with frost on its back, quiet nights, campfires, stories or simply gazing at the stars. Sometimes, seeking the Holy Grail of communal fun, we can get trapped in a Griswolds'™ family nightmare. But the main problem for Tar Heels (and others) always has been that there are few decent accommodations near places ....Click Headline To Read Full Article

Oklahoma Vacation Lodges

Oklahoma Vacation Lodges
">What'™s better than a fine day on the water or in the woods with friends? Two or three fine days on the water or in the woods with friends, of course! Stringing together a few days in an area adds efficiency to your approach and allows you to work that area much more thoroughly. Add evenings in a cabin, grilling venison steaks from a previous outing, trading stories by the fireplace, and a hunting or fishing outing transforms into the sort of trip you look forward to all year and continue to look back on after it is done. If you'™re looking for sporting lodge type destinations in Oklahoma, some of the finest opportunities can be found in our state parks system. Several parks in different parts of the state offer cabins or lodge rooms that are lakeside to fine fishing, or that are convenient to public lands that offer good hunting prospects — or both. Some have facilities ....Click Headline To Read Full Article

South Carolina Vacation Lodges

South Carolina Vacation Lodges
">When folks think of camps or lodges for hunting and fishing, most probably think of one of two extremes. Either extra rustic — as in tent camps or ultra-basic motels — or exclusive high-end lodges that are out of reach for most hunters and anglers. However, many fine base camps for multi-day hunting and fishing excursions fall between the extremes, and in South Carolina, some of the finest facilities are in state parks. South Carolina'™s state parks collectively offer more than 200 cabins, villas or lodge rooms in locations spread all over the state. They range from old and fairly rustic to modern and somewhat ....Click Headline To Read Full Article

Tennessee Vacation Lodges

Tennessee Vacation Lodges
">Tennessee has countless opportunities for anglers and hunters to chase dreams across the state. World-class fishing and superb hunting is right in the backdoor of most every region in the state. However, sometimes it is good to get away and take a trip to try out a new location. Fortunately there are other great options at state parks and resorts. Tennessee has numerous state parks, with many located right on the banks of great fishing waters or situated reaching some great public land hunting. Even better, state parks offer a variety of lodging and camping options, as well as amenities to make trips more comfortable and ....Click Headline To Read Full Article

Texas Vacation Lodges

Texas Vacation Lodges
">Pick one and go. Explore, camp, hike, geocache, bike, fish, hunt, watch wildlife, relax, enjoy a cookout, or use it as a base for other ventures. There are 102 state parks across the Lone Star State, with one or more likely within a short drive of your home. You do not have to look far to find a state park in Texas, and with most all comes a wide variety of things to do. Big Bend Ranch State Park is the largest with more than 300,000 acres. Near Fredericksburg is Old Tunnel SP, an abandoned railroad tunnel turned bat cave, with some surrounding grounds making it one of the smallest parks at a mere 16 acres. The majority have water recreation in the form of fishing, swimming, boating and possibly water skiing. Naturally the busy time of the year is summer when school is out. Yet fall, winter and spring are great times to enjoy Texas'™ ....Click Headline To Read Full Article

Virginia Vacation Lodges

Virginia Vacation Lodges
">Sometimes using your own home as a hunting or fishing base camp is not feasible when your desired destination is hours away. Parking in a hotel parking lot with a boat or all your hunting gear can leave you sleeping with one eye open all night listening for any would-be thieves. Staying at a state park in a cabin or lodge, however, puts you with other folks who enjoy the outdoors and want to enjoy a decent night'™s sleep without worrying about their gear. Furthermore, many state parks are located near great fishing and hunting — and the price is generally much more palatable than a nice hotel. Wouldn'™t it be nice to simply wake up and either walk to your fishing spot or take a short drive to hunt or fish without an hour or two commute to get afield or on the water? The surroundings at a state park are aesthetic as well. Clean air, trees, fog on the water in the morning and peace and quiet are all to be had at a state park cabin. Finally, you can often take the kids and family with you even if they are not into hunting or fishing because there are other attractions nearby that are of interest. In this article we'™ll look at a few of the top state parks with both cabins for rent and ready access to nearby hunting or fishing. To reserve a cabin or lodge or even a campsite, call ....Click Headline To Read Full Article

West Virginia Vacation Lodges

West Virginia Vacation Lodges
">Even though today'™s hunting and fishing opportunities are great, did you ever wonder what it would have been like to have pursued the field sports back when sporting camps catered to the needs of traveling sportsmen? This was a time when a trip to the mountains invariably included hunting or fishing, and after a fulfilling day, one relaxed in a leather chair in front of a fire, recounting the day'™s adventures. While the clock can'™t be turned back, sportsmen and women can still take advantage of some top-rate lodges across the Mountain State, as state-administered parks provide a variety of options for lodging, many of which are located right by some of the best hunting and fishing in the state.....Click Headline To Read Full Article 

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