Feelfree 10' Lure Fishing Kayak Review

Feelfree 10' Lure Fishing Kayak Review


10 foot Lure

Fishing Kayak


In the past several years fishing from a kayak has grown tremendously. Due to the invention of the SOT or sit-on top kayak.  Designed specifically for the angler in mind trying to take enough gear to make a day of it. Some of the great reasons to fish from a kayak are stealth and the ability to get into very shallow and tight areas. Also with today’s SOT kayaks comes the invention of better and more comfortable seats to accommodate those all day fishing trips. This is where FeelFree comes into this review.FeelFree has invented the Gravity Seat, a well-padded, wide and well-designed seat that adjusts from flush with the kayak deck up to 10” high of the kayak floor adjusting in 1” increments. The kayak and seat will accommodate a person up to 375lbs making it available to more people than some other kayak brands. Lowering is as simple as pulling straight up. Below is the Gravity Seat Operation & Maintenance straight from Feelfree themselves:
  1. Flush, and 5-10" are the RECOMMENDED positions. The lower positions (2-4") are NOT RECOMMENDED. There is little vertical support here – and the seat will flex... over time stressing the frame.
  1. Keep your nuts/bolts tight & maintained. Like - skis, bikes, etc. - Keep your hardware tight - things do loosen over time.
  1. Oil your gears/ratchets which control height - bike chain oil is great. Just a spot every now and then - provides better operation.
To adjust seat:*  To RAISE the seat: simply grab the seat base and lift up to desired height (5-10").  Seat height (other than Flush) less than 5" is not recommended. Once the seat is raised to the desired height - push down to ensure the system is engaged.*  To LOWER the seat: pull strongly/tug on red webbing strap 180 degrees up (toward the sky) - system will disengage and seat can be then lowered to the lowest flush position.With a pouch on each side to store items which may be needed at a moment’s notice. The seat cover easily removes for cleaning and if you are going to set up for camp and need a seat the gravity seat quickly and easily removes to use on land as well.Also, standard on the Lure kayak line is the Uni-Track System. A track on each side of the kayak that allows the flexibility to install accessories and move them to a convenient location, and do all this without drilling holes in your kayak. The Lure also has what Feelfree calls the "wheel in the keel," making transporting your 69lb kayak down to the lake or river a breeze. Unlike many other kayaks, there are handles in the front, back, and one on each side, molded into the kayak making for very sturdy handles with no fear of them breaking off.The dry hatch in the front is awesome and convenient to have. It has three quarter turn latches that lock down the oval hatch creating a water tight seal. Great for storing gear that can’t get wet.  The center console is very nice although not water tight so items will or may get wet. It has a recessed area with a bungee to carry your water bottle on top. Also located on each side just behind the seat are two cup holders which will accommodate most any size cup whether you’re transporting a drink or gear. The rear uni track rail with tie down system allows you to adjust to any gear you wish to put in the back by just sliding the tie downs a very quick and simple system. Two fishing rod holders located just behind the cup holders on both sides are flush mount and do a pretty good job holding a road and come with a leash on both. I personally would upgrade these to a Railblaza or YakGear rod holder personally but these will work in a pinch.One of the other biggest features about this kayak other than the seat and many other nice features is the ability to stand up in it and cast, giving you the ability to see out over the water. Making it easier to stand up is the 36” wide deck and the standup leash attached to the kayak. This I tested out and if you’re not used to standing in a kayak, it will take you a bit of time to train your core to keep steady, but after that, this kayak is awesome to stand on and fish. I am a good-sized guy and find this kayak so comfortable to sit in. I have not had near the time I wish this year to get out in it. I ordered it late and wish I could get out every day in it and take advantage of its comfort, stealth and peacefulness.One of the last features I would like to go over is the rear recessed molded-in crate recess. Here is where your storage crate goes. I built mine from ideas I found on Google and found there is quite an assortment of DIY and manufactured crates on the market. I am looking forward to trying a couple myself next spring. I also found that using a Brute cooler or something similar with some of RailBlaza and Yak-Gear accessories attached to it works well for storage and having a cooler or dry box with you.  Basically what I am getting at is, that there are so many options for accessorizing your kayak.Some of the available accessories from feelfree are the paddle leash, drain plugs, flush rod holder large and Small, Uni-Track and Uni-Bar which in itself is a great feature. Each side attaches to the uni track on each side of the kayak and adjusts along this track where you want it. Then on top of the Uni-Track you can put fishing rod holders and your depth or fish finder. Making everything quite accessible.The Lure comes in many colors: winter, sun, desert, lime, blue, pink camo and solid orange. The available lengths the Lure comes in are 10, 11.5 with optional rudder and the new for 2015 13.5.The warranty is pretty normal and cover defects in materials and workmanship for 3 years from date of purchase on the hull and a 1 year warranty on accessories. So, definitely a decent warranty protecting your kayak purchase for a decent amount of time.Overall, the Lure kayak line is everything you see and hear. Talk on the internet is nothing but positive and impressive. That is what caused me to buy my Lure 10. I may in the near future upgrade to the 11.5 but being that I am only looking to fish small ponds and lake shores I am not in a rush to do so. This Lure 10 will do everything I want to do and make it comfortable doing so.  Also, a big thanks to Dinver and Jim Hager for allowing me this opportunity to experience a great kayak and showing me how great customer care is at feelfree.Review written by Gary ElliottFacilitator of www.OutdoorNewsandReviews.comJoin us on Facebook at:

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Feelfree Lure 10
Feelfree Lure 10

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