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No matter where you like to hunt, you’ll discover a wealth of valuable information and new data in our 2016 Game & Fish Deer Forecasts.


In every state or region, we’ve carefully analyzed last season’s harvest trends, consulted with biologists and other experts, and compiled a detailed outlook for every part of the country. So you can check out your own state, a neighboring state, or anywhere else you may want to hunt.

You’ll find detailed information on last season’s harvest figures, an updated map showing the top counties or public lands for deer hunting, and a forecast of what hunters can expect this year. Our one-stop forecast can help you pinpoint the best deer-hunting spots in every state while providing a critical big-picture overlook.

Along with our annual state forecasts, you’ll find plenty of other essential deer-hunting coverage on this site, including expert tactics, seasonal hunting secrets and even game recipes. And if you do bag that trophy buck this year, be sure to post a photo on our “Camera Corner” page!


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