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If you’re like us, you haven’t been this excited for deer season since, well, last season. While you’ve been lobbing lead at the range or fine-tuning your bow, our experts have been busy pouring over last season’s WMA population reports, county harvest statistics and herd developments for practically every state. We’ve compiled their findings into an unparalleled resource for deer die-hards: The 2014 Game & Fish Deer Forecast.

Whether you’re hunting private land in your home state or searching for favorable public land opportunities out-of-state, we’ve done your homework for you. Our breakdown of each state’s top producing counties and analysis of this year’s regional trends will put you in the know when planning to score big this season.

Use our official forecast, as well as our in-depth coverage of the best states for whitetails, exclusive field tactics, game recipes and how-to guides, to make the most out of 2014. And, when you drop that trophy buck, if you can stop shaking long enough to take a picture, don’t miss the opportunity to boast when you share your photos on our Camera Corner.

Stay quiet. Stay alert. Stay safe. Click on your state to get started and let the games begin!