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Trail Cam Pic

Which Trail Cameras Are Best For Your Hunting Property?

by Jace Bauserman 0

Trail Cameras  have never been more popular, and for good reason. Game surveillance gives us an inside look into the habits… more »

Photo By Ron Sinfelt. The better the quality of food on a piece of hunting property, the more likely deer will be to use that property as a core part of their range—and the healthier they will be, too.

Weekend Warrior Deer Camp: Food Plot Basics

by Game & Fish Online Staff 0

Like every deer hunter who has ever lived, you have probably spent days in the woods wondering where all the… more »

The author with a nice buck he arrowed after analyzing deer movements and planning ahead with respect to putting in a deer stand. ■ Photo courtesy of Steve Bartylla.

Weekend Warrior Deer Camp: How to Find Hunting Land to Lease

by Steve Bartylla 1

Walking the property, I knew I’d found a winner. Sure, it was only 100 acres, but it was the thickest… more »

Food plots don’t have to be large fields. Here, Weekend Warrior Terry Jacobs (whose day job is Game & Fish/Sportsman Magazines’ senior production designer) prepares a small log landing for seeding. See the results on the next page.  ■ Photo by Ron Sinfelt.

Weekend Warrior Deer Camp: Carving Out Food Plots

by John Geiger 0

When you work hard and see the fruit of your labors, you savor it. That’s the way the Weekend Warriors—a… more »

Cover, a year-round water source, forage and deer activity are some of the things you should look for on potential lease property. ■ Photo by Ron Sinfelt.

Weekend Warrior Deer Camp: Welcome To Our Deer Camp!

by John Geiger 0

Word of mouth is best. “Hey. I heard Bob’s uncle wants to lease out a couple hundred acres of his… more »

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