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My Lay Lake Stripe

May 12th, 2012 1


I got to Lay Lake about 5 a.m. on that HOT summer day. As one would suspect around noon a storm came rolling in, I was in my kayak?Yes kayak. As I fished I had to bail water to stay afloat.In the midst of the storm when I was about done I got that bite -it pulled my kayak about 300 yards, I grabbed him pulled him in my lap&paddled to the truck. 34.5 lb MONSTER! Yes Sir!

Species: Land Locked Saltwater Stripe

Location Caught: Lay Lake

Date Caught: 08/01/2010

Gear Used: Ambassador Rod with a 6000C Ambassador Reel, 30lb Triline Big Game Line, Owner Circle Hook

  • Karen

    Amazing fish & WHAT a cool story!!!

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