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My First Keeper!!!

May 11th, 2012 1


Striped Bass 39 in long … 25 Pounds Caught on clam

Species: Striped Bass

Location Caught: United States

Date Caught: 06/17/2011

Gear Used: 8 ft Ugly Stick, Okuma reel ,Hunk of clam

  • Linda Soucy

    When I saw the Crown display with the slogan Think your catch deserves a crown? I looked at my husband and said I need to submit my story and show off my Keeper! The picture is not a very flattering picture of me but I show it off because after 5 years of trying to catch a keeper I finally managed to land one last summer. I’m sure once you get past my silly hat and my (its really heavy hurry up and take the picture) smile you’ll agree it’s a beauty 39“long and 25 pound!
    I haven’t been an angler for many years; in fact I’ve been fishing and loving it for a little over 6 years know. My husband created the monster I’ve become and he takes great pride in this fact. Not many guys can say I went fishing on Mother’s day and we killed them… It’s been wonderful having the same passion for fishing and we really enjoying our time together on the water.
    Last summer we headed off fishing in the late afternoon to try our luck. We were rushing and trying to bet the traffic. We were talking about how the conditions seemed perfect and that everyone we knew were catching keepers so they were running… My husband knowing what to say to get me all excited said “You’re going to catch your keeper today Linda I just feel it”. I was ready and hopeful but knew like all the other times it might not happen. We made our normal stops for coffee and bait and got on the water in record time. We got to our spot and set up our rods and noticed that we forgot our net. We didn’t let that stop us of course and started to catch a few small stripers. We were enjoying ourselves when all of a sudden my pole bent in half and I struggled to hold on to it as I was wearing mittens to keep warm. I didn’t know what to do as my line was racing out and I couldn’t reel it in! I started to scream Babe I think I have a big one. I was so excited I couldn’t stand myself and what was worst I didn’t know what to do. My Husband was great he reeled in his line and helped with adjusting my reels tension. He calmed me down and told me to breath. He walked me through the fight telling me when to reel and when to rest only to let the fish swim away again. He said it was to get the fish tried but truth be told I was the one exhausted. The fight went on for a while and I didn’t think the fish was ever going to get tried. At one point I asked my husband for his help as my arms were hurting so badly I didn’t think I could continue. To my surprise he told me NO this is all you. I went from excited to distraught worried that I was going to lose my fish. I couldn’t believe this was actually happening and didn’t want to mess up, lighten up on the tension or worse break the line. It took everything I had to focus on trying to bring this fish to the surface. I followed my husband’s direction to the tee and finally what seemed like forever (15 minutes) I had won the battle. My striper showed him. I went from distraught to uncontrollable laugher. I was gitty like a little kid seeing their most precious toy for the first time. It was hard for me to see how big he was but then in terror realized we didn’t have our net. I then went from uncontrollable laughter to threatening my husband life if he didn’t grab my keeper and get it in the boat. I was yelling hurry hurry; he bent over the side of the boat and with both hands pulled up my monster keeper. When I actually saw how big it was I started jumping up and down screaming YES YES he’s awesome! My husband took the hook out of a striper and handed him to me… Once I had my keeper in my hands I started to cry. My husband was baffled and asked why I was crying. I told him I didn’t know. I was so happy and had gone through so many different emotions all at once that my tears just came. This is the biggest fish I’ve ever caught so far… and is to date my most thrilling fishing experience. The crown on top was that I was able to share it with my best friend my husband.
    Linda Soucy

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