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I Crowned a King in Alaska

June 16th, 2012 1


I caught this 45 pound King Salmon in a zodiac on the Kenai River – outside Ninilchik with my buddy Bob and Lucky Dog. It was a workout and it lurched in the air several times, and Lucky Dog got stepped on a few times as he zodiac was tight on space. I made the coho fly I caught it on which made this amazing memory all the better – thanks Bob and Lucky Dog.

Species: Alaskan King Salmon

Location Caught: Alaska

Date Caught: 06/16/2012

Gear Used: ugly stick, coho fly

  • Richard Frank

    The date this was caught was 16 June 1993 – I was in the Air Force in Alaska. I screwed up on the submission form – I wish I caught another one…yesterday!

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