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52lb Flathead swallows 3lb Blue Cat

May 9th, 2012 2


Me and my wife were running limb lines in our old 14ft aluminum boat.We were running lines in our usual spot and came across one of our lines that had a 3lb blue cat that was hooked and a 52lb flathead catfish came up and swallowed it and its fins were hung in the Flatheads throat hooking him and allowing us to get him in the boat. He’s the biggest caught in this area.

Species: Flathead (Tabby) Catfish

Location Caught: New Augusta, Ms.

Date Caught: 07/17/2011

Gear Used: Nylon twine, Hook, live spot-tail minnow, old 14ft aluminum flat boat, old 20hp Mercury outboard

  • James

    That's the tail of the 3lb Blue cat hanging out it's mouth. This one definitely deserves to be Crowned!!!!

  • Joseph


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