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51lb. Flathead Catfish

May 6th, 2012 5


I fish for most freshwater fish, lately I’ve been into fishing for much larger catfish such as Blue & Flathead Catfish. The Neuse River offer many different types of fishing, so I knew I had to get out of fishing ponds & small lakes in order to land one of these species of catfish. In my first month, I landed (on rod &reel) this 51lb Falthead Catfish along w/ much more.

Species: flathead catfish

Location Caught: neuse river, nc

Date Caught: 04/10/2012

Gear Used: CatMaxx reel, Catfish Ugly Stix rod, Gama hook,

  • Tony

    I hope you put it back in the river. The Neuse is being bombarded by new fishermen and limb/lines bush hooking . The forage base is not there to support large numbers of fish being taken out.

  • Brian Hall

    Flat Head cat fish are a nuisence even NC fish and wildlife DO NOT want them put back in the river!!!

    Never release a flat head

  • Brian Hall

    KINSTON, N.C. — In 1966, 11 fish were introduced into the Cape Fear River. Now the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service says it was the worst introduction in North America.

    One of the fish introduced was the flathead catfish, a very popular sport fish whose meat is very tasty and firm to eat.

    The fish's downside is its eating habits. Unlike native catfish that act like vacuum cleaners cleaning the bottom of debris, the flathead catfish eats other fish. With a fish that big, it means a lot of native river life is being gobbled up.

    "A river system can only support so many fish per mile," said biologist Christian Waters.

    "As we get more flathead catfish in our river, we're losing some of our natural heritage — some of our native fish that we fished for centuries in North Carolina," said N.C. State zoologist Tom Kwak.

    Students from N.C. State are radio-tagging the fish from the Neuse River. They are hoping to learn the dietary habits and movements of the fish to help find a way to control their population.

    Wildlife experts point out it is illegal and ecologically irresponsible to move the flathead catfish from one river to another.

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