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Big Green Lake is the Place for February Trout Fishing in Wisconsin

by Ted Peck   |  February 18th, 2014 0

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Lake trout fishing in Wisconsin is a surefire option for February angling. You’ll definitely want to hit Big Green Lake for this trip. Here’s everything you need to know:


Big Green

Lake Trout

You’ll need an inland trout stamp and ATV or snowmobile to be a serious player for big, green torpedoes on our deepest inland lake.

Lakers typically cruise near the bottom over 60 to 115 feet of water, making a fairly stout but sensitive  jigging stick and high-capacity spinning reel an important part of your attack plan.

Although trout near the bottom can usually be goaded into biting, fish that cruise higher in the water column usually are more eager to bite. Electronics are absolutely key in finding success on these fish.

The bite is almost always subtle. It takes a hard hookset to join with fish in water this deep. Guide Justin Kohn uses FireLine with a fluorocarbon leader, icing more fish than anybody.

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