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PAA Arkansas River-Practice Report

by Tim Carini   |  September 12th, 2012 0

It was a long drive to get here from Georgia and I’ve been working hard on the water the past three days. ¬†This is my first time fishing the Arkansas River but it reminds me of the rivers I fished back home in New York, a mix of industrial and backwater areas.

My practice has been pretty good so far. ¬†I’m confident I can have a good showing here provided I get lucky with the locks. ¬†To get to the areas I found I have to lock into a different pool on the river. ¬†There’s a lot of barge traffic and they can fill up the locks for hours. ¬†My biggest concern is getting to my fish….and getting back. ¬†It’s a real possibility that either may happen and will ruin my tournament.

Provided I get lucky with the locks, I feel good about this tournament. ¬†I’ve been catching bass the way I like to fish and have pinpointed two key areas that should give me enough weight to be in the hunt. ¬†I’ve been flipping my new outfit, a Quantum Smoke reel and rod combo. ¬†This setup has been a joy to fish all day, very light weight and real sensitive. ¬†It should be the only rod I’ll need tomorrow. ¬†I have a game plan that can work and it’s a great feeling.

Hopefully I’ll be able to lock through with no problem. ¬†This is all or nothing for me, a big gamble, but I hope it pays off.

Wish me luck! :)

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