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Ice Fishing Gear For 2012

by Matt Straw   |  December 21st, 2011 2

In 2012, an underwater camera will slip into your shirt pocket. Solid graphite rods leave enough change from a $50 bill to feed the family. Innovative changes are on the way to make you more comfortable and more efficient.

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HT Enterprises added the Insta-Tent to their popular Insta-Shak line of shelters for 2012. The Insta-Tent is a one-man unit for $149.99 that weighs only 17 pounds. At 5 feet high and 5.6 feet long when set up, it’s plenty spacious and one of the easiest of all hub-style shelters to erect.

  • jeanie tone

    In the February 2012 issue, the 2012 ice fishing calendar, you mention Island Lake…..there are only about 15 of them in the state, how about a mention of county also?

    • 7160gnat

      North of Oshkosh in the Crescent Lake NWR.

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